The AllotmenT

The longer cut of a pharmaceutical advert, made for ICC.

The story of a man in his allotment.

One timeline shows him taking the brand's product, and another shows him forgoing treatment. The product does not act as a cure, but it is designed to prolong life for as long as possible. Due to pharmaceutical regulations, I'm unable to say what the product is, and who the commissioning brand are. All text overlapping the video and end idents have been removed.

Directed by Richard Paris Wilson
Production Company - HEALTHCARE FILMS
Producer - Ross Lindgren
DOP - Markus A Ljungberg
First AC - Ed Botham
2nd AC - Juan Martin
DIT - Ollie Hickey
Gaffer - Martin Kloud
Spark - Vincent Edwards
Trainee Spark - Louis Devereux
Art Department - Tim Silversides
Costume - Charlotte Young
Makeup - Alexa Seabourne
Creative - Sinead Murphy
Creative Agency - ICC
Associate Producer - Zoe Baxter
Editor - Richard Paris Wilson
Colourist - Jonny Tully & Richard Paris Wilson
Music - Tony Anderson 'Rise (Ambient)'
Storyboard Artist - Adam Davis
Male Lead - Jonathan Lermit
Female Lead - Astrid Maslen
Child Lead - Oscar Hereo
Child Agency - Creative Kidz & Adultz

Thank You to Field End Lane Allotment


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